Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spotlight: Middle East Environmental Law Portal

Middle East Environmental Law [MEEL] was launched in 2011, by Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hoseini, LL.M candidate at Vermont Law School and IUCN Commission on Environmental Law member. MEEL serves as an education resource for persons around the world interested in the environmental laws and regulations in the Middle East, and as a forum for discussion of environmental law and policy challenges facing the region. MEEL has assembled many of the leading environmental law scholars in the Middle East to contribute their expertise and knowledge. MEEL seeks to work with leading national and regional educational institutions as well as national, regional and international environmental organizations to support development of environmental law in the Middle East.
The portal, which is hosted by Vermont Law School, is managed by a prestigious Advisory Board among which is Pace's own University Professor Nicholas A. Robinson. Contributions to the website are being made by a Research Group consisting of "[s]cholars resident in and/or native to the Middle East region."  Of note to researchers, the site currently has environmental information on the following Middle East countries:
The site also contains links to discussions pertaining to Climate Change and Energy in the Middle East and Water and Land Use in the Middle East.

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