Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greenprint Foundation Released Volume 3 of the Greenprint Performance Report

Recently, the Greenprint Foundation "a worldwide alliance of real estate owners, investors, financial institutions and other industry stakeholders committed to reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry" released Volume 3 of the Greenprint Performace Report (2011). The 40-page report available here, discusses the energy reduction efforts and achievements of its member businesses.  According to the report

2,703 properties [were included] (66% increase), which represents 65 million square meters of building area(108% increase). We have achieved this growth both from the expanding participation of our initial members and the impressive engagement of our 11 new members [for a total of 29]. . . . [Overall] energy consumption decreased 2.5%, greenhouse gas emissions decreased 5.9%, and water consumption decreased 11.9% on a Like for Like basis from 2009 to 2011.

Prior versions of the report are available here:

Volume 2, 2010

Volume 1, October 2010

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