Monday, October 15, 2012

Global CCS Institute Report Released: The Global Status of CCS 2012

Last week Global CCS Institute, an Australian advocacy group promoting  "the adoption of carbon capture and storage (CCS), [as] a key solution in mitigating climate change and providing energy security" released a report titled, Global Status of CCS: 2012.  The 228-page report available here,
is the fourth edition of the Global CCS Institute’s key publication on the progress and challenges facing carbon capture and storage (CCS). These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the state of development of CCS projects and technologies, and of actions taken to facilitate the demonstration of those technologies at a large scale. The Global Status of CCS: 2012 covers developments from late 2011, until the beginning of September 2012. It draws on the results of the Institute’s annual project survey, completed by lead proponents of major CCS projects around the world.

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