Wednesday, May 22, 2013

UNEP Global Environmental Alert Released for May: A New Eye in the Sky: Eco-drones

Recently, the United Nations Environment Programme released a new Global Environmental Alert titled, A New Eye in the Sky: Eco-drones (May 2013). According to the 13-page alert,
[a] drone is generally thought of as a military weapon or surveillance tool. Commonly referred to as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned aerial system (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), a drone can also provide a low-cost and low-impact solution to environmental managers working in a variety of ecosystems. Drones used for these purposes are referred to as ‘eco-drones’ or ‘conservation drones.’ Their agility and quality imaging abilities make them advantageous as a mapping tool for environmental monitoring, but there are still several challenges and concerns to be surmounted.

Prior alerts are available here, dating from Aug. 2010 to the present.

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