Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BPC Report Released: New Dynamics of the U.S. Natural Gas Market

Recently, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), "a non-profit organization that drives principled solutions . . .  [and] combines politically-balanced policymaking with strong, proactive advocacy and outreach," issued a report titled, New Dynamics of the U.S. Natural Gas Market (2013). The 57-page report is available here, and discusses the following:
[t]he analysis presented in this report considered the relative impact of a realistic range of supply and demand drivers that will shape future U.S. energy markets and, in particular the market for natural gas.
The scenario analysis revealed that within the suite of natural gas supply and demand assumptions considered, there are ample domestic supplies of natural gas to meet future demand without significant price increases.
Similarly, the analysis shows that the United States is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the economic, environmental, and energy security benefits of the country’s large natural gas resource base. Natural gas resources have the potential to create new market opportunities for expanded natural gas use in ways that will grow the economy and improve the environmental performance of the U.S. energy system, if the environmental challenges associated with natural gas development using horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing are addressed by industry in collaboration with state and federal regulators.

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