Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In the News: Invasive Species

Over the last few weeks, news sources all over the country have focused on the issue of invasive species as a record-breaking Burmese python was recently recovered from the Everglades National Park.  University of Florida researchers found and euthanized the 165.5lb., 17.5 ft. after discovering it was pregnant with 87 eggs [1].  The problems most frequently associated with invasive species include the extinction of local populations of native species which can disrupt anything and everything from agriculture to aquaculture to tourism; while other concerns such as in the case of the pythons invoke issues of safety. For more information on invasive species, below please find a list of agency links and resources: 


National Invasive Species Council ("established by Executive Order (EO) 13112 to ensure that Federal programs and activities to prevent and control invasive species are coordinated, effective and efficient) (last visited Aug. 23, 2012).

National Invasive Species Information Center, USDA (links to laws, maps, and guidance on a myriad of issues pertaining to invasive species. Can browse by geography: U.S. and International; as well as by subject: aquatic species, plants, animals, and microbes.) (last visited Aug. 23, 2012)

Invasive Species, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serv. (links to law, news and other resources) (last visited Aug. 23, 2012).

Invasive Species Program, USGS (maps, monitoring, and early detection information) (last visited Aug. 23, 2012).

[1] Alvin, C. Revkin, Biologists Track Biggest Florida Python - 17-Footer with 87 Eggs, NY Times (Aug. 15, 2012); Scientists Examine Record Python Found in Florida in Effort to Stop Snakes' Spread, CNN.US (Aug. 13, 2012).

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