Monday, November 15, 2010

Potomac Conservancy Report: State of the Nation's River 2010

This report Farms and Forests: Rural Land Use in the Potomac Watershed, highlights the value of our natural and working landscapes, as well as the pressures facing both from man-made causes, primarily development.

The report makes the case for placing a high value on forested lands, and also appropriately scaled and well-managed farms, by recognizing the value of such lands when compared to developed or built environments. We highlight the importance of rural lands in this developing watershed, and discuss the stressors that are currently affecting the health of lands and waters in the Potomac region.

The potential for significant pollution from agricultural lands does not diminish the cultural and economic importance of farming. Pollution from nutrients, disease-causing organisms such as E. coli and carcinogens and mutagens such as endocrine disrupting compounds from antibiotics, herbicides, and pesticides can be lessened with adherence to best management practices.

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