Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The ‘Good Life’: Imagining Alternative Futures

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pace University
New York City Campus

Hosted by the Pace Institute for Environmental and Regional Studies (PIERS)
Together with the Pace Environmental Studies Program (ENV)

Historians and others have depicted the twentieth century in a variety of terms. Some refer to it as the ‘age of extremes’, others as the ‘age of anxiety’, and still others as the ‘age of science” or the ‘age of analysis’; but none have been foolish enough to call it the ‘age of the good life’ and compose eclogues in praise of it, and for very good reasons. There is growing public awareness, though far from teaching any consensus on solutions, that the institutional structures of the present are not providing the ‘good life’ for too many people. And the global environmental crisis is compelling evidence that the Enlightenment project of the ‘perfection of humanity’ has utterly failed to produce even a shadow image of the ‘good life’. This conference is a forum to discuss competing but environmentally grounded conceptions of the ‘good life’.

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