Monday, November 29, 2010

Management Challenges at the Department of Energy

This Sepcial Report (DOE/IG-0844), dated November 2010, by the Inspector General of the Department of Energy states that the DOE is the largest civilian contracting agency in the Federal government, the Department awards contracts to industrial companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations that operate a broad range of Department facilities.

With the addition of Recovery Act funding and initiatives, successful contract administration within the Department has taken on even greater importance. In addition to contracting, the Department administers and manages an array of grants and cooperative agreements, the number of which has increased sharply as a result of Recovery Act programs.

Given the number of contracts handled by the Department and the complexity and importance of the Department's numerous multi-million dollar projects, combined with new challenges created by the Recovery Act, we believe that the area of Contract and Financial Assistance Award Management is a significant management challenge.

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