Monday, November 29, 2010

Climate Innovation Centres: A New Way to Foster Climate Technologies in the Developing World

Accelerating innovation in emerging technologies is essential to help reduce the current and long-term impacts of climate change. However developing countries, which are most immediately threatened by these impacts, lag in their capacity to transfer, develop and deploy innovative climate technologies. Climate Innovation Centers: A New Way to Faster Climate Technologies in the Developing World explores how Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) can help developing countries accelerate the deployment of climate technologies, companies and industries by:

o Over 550 relevant organizations in 68 countries identified to assess existing global capacity in climate innovation
o Providing an inventory of existing relevant support organizations, including incubators, centres of excellence, multilateral programmes,
o Analaysing existing centers by geography, technology, innovation, and climate focus;
o Identifying the gaps in the existing institutional capacity
o Exploring the early stage financing landscape for climate technologies;
o Providing detailed advice about the design of CICs and their development as a global network.

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