Monday, October 18, 2010

New York State Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Plan -- NY DEC

The Siting Plan, produced by the New York State Department of Environmental conservation and required by ECL Section 27-1102, is primarily intended to assess the State's capacity for managing hazardous waste in accordance with State and Federal law, and to assure adequate availability of industrial hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities into the future. The final adoption of a Siting Plan is a prerequisite for the siting or significant expansion of certain new hazardous waste facilities in New York.

Potential Environmental Impacts: The Plan itself is a guidance document and has no direct environmental impacts. The GEIS does not replace the need for a separate and distinct site-specific EIS for any hazardous waste management facility that is proposed to be sited or expanded in New York State in the future.

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