Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conserving Habitat through the Federal Farm Bill - A Guide for Land Trusts and Landowners

This Guide from the Defenders of Wildlife provides the information and
tools on Farm Bill conservation programs. It includes:

♦ A concise introduction to the Farm Bill and its conservation programs, the agencies involved and general eligibility requirements;
♦ Detailed but accessible information on each of the most relevant conservation programs offered through the 2008 Farm Bill;
♦ Time-saving tips for choosing the right program, navigating the application process and increasing the competitiveness of your applications to improve
your chances of securing funding;
♦ Recommendations on how to use the Farm Bill strategically and how to influence its implementation and local priorities;
♦ Case studies to illustrate how land managers have concretely and creatively leveraged Farm Bill dollars to maximize benefits;
♦ Guidance on working with local U.S. Department of Agriculture agency representatives and partnering with conservation organizations, landowners and others.

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