Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Greening of Water Law: Managing Freshwater Resources for People and the Environment

This report by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) explores the notion and the benefits of greening water law by presenting and assessing a variety of legal, procedural and policy mechanisms, for both national and international arenas, that can help to elevate the status and importance of environmental concerns in relation to other societal interests and harmonize the water needs of both people and the natural environment.

The Greening of Water Law is both a theoretical and practical effort to modernize legal regimes governing the management and allocation of freshwater resources. It is based on the recognition that the life and well-being of people and the natural environment are interrelated and even interdependent and that the coordination of the needs of these two water-dependent stakeholders will further the sustainable use of freshwater resources for both. It is also founded on the notion that by ensuring adequate supplies of clean freshwater for the environment, people, communities, and nations, the human condition can be enhanced through improved health and more sustainable resource exploitation and economic development.

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