Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grand Canyon National Park -- Report

This Report, dated August 2010, prepared by the Center for the State of the Parks finds that found that despite the park’s iconic status, diverse natural and cultural resources, and abundant recreational opportunities, the park suffers from many challenges that complicate resource protection and management:

•Current Colorado River management actions do not incorporate adaptive strategies for protecting and restoring native animals, natural habitats, and cultural resources along the river corridor.

•Mines could be developed on lands adjacent to the park, potentially contaminating watersheds and the surrounding environment. In addition, historic mining activities have resulted in environmental contamination in parts of the park.

•Sound pollution from scenic and commercial air plane overflights in the park is a major concern.

•Air pollution from miles away has the potential to obscure scenic vistas, harm human health, and damage park resources.

•Resource protection and visitor services are impacted by a lack of sufficient annual operating funds.

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