Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strategy 2011–2014 -- NYC DEP

Update on New York City Department of Environmental Protection's Strategy 2011–2014

Today released the 2011 Progress Report on Strategy 2011–2014, which found that major advancements have been made toward making DEP the safest, most efficient, cost-effective, and transparent water utility in the nation. Released last year with Mayor Bloomberg, the groundbreaking plan outlined 29 broad goals and 100 distinct initiatives in the areas of strategic planning and performance; customer service; worker safety, public health, and environmental protection; operations, including water supply, distribution and treatment, and capital; regulatory relationships and policy; harbor water quality; energy; hazardous materials; and air and noise pollution.

The product of nearly one year of analysis and outreach, Strategy 2011–2014 built on PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg's sustainability blueprint for New York City. In the plan's first year, 63 initiatives have been fully or partially achieved while 36 are on track to be completed on schedule. One initiative was deferred after DEP concluded that capital resources should be redirected to repair the Rondout-West Branch Tunnel section of the Delaware Aqueduct to ensure continued and uninterrupted delivery of water to customers.

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