Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2009 Open Space Conservation Plan -- NYS DEC

The New York State 2009 Open Space Conservation Plan takes a fresh approach to conserving our vital natural and recreational areas. Small or large areas; urban, suburban, rural or wilderness; can be protected with a combination of public land protection and thoughtful use of our own land.
Consider the example of riparian areas; lands that line waterways, when protected and managed properly, can filter runoff, absorb stormwater and reduce catastrophic flooding downstream.
Discover how open space conservation works for today's New Yorkers and future generations.

New Plan Identifies Conservation Priorities

The 2009 version features:
A new look for a fresh approach
A renewed commitment to plan, prioritize, and enable government and citizen actions
An action agenda oriented to:
  • respond to climate change
  • foster green, healthy communities
  • connect people to nature and recreation
  • safeguard our natural and cultural heritage

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