Monday, August 8, 2011

Securing a clean energy future - The Australian Government's Climate Change Plan

This report from the Australian National Government Dated July 2011 states that:

"Scientists advise that the world is warming and high levels of carbon pollution risk
environmental and economic damage. No responsible government can ignore this advice.
The Australian Government has developed a comprehensive plan to move to a clean energy future.

A price on carbon pollution will create incentives to reduce pollution and invest in
clean energy. A carbon price will ensure that pollution is reduced at the lowest cost to the economy...

The carbon price will be accompanied by assistance supporting households, jobs,
businesses and communities, to help them adjust, lower their carbon pollution and to protect our international competitiveness...

Substantial industry assistance will be provided to support jobs and competitiveness
as we move to a clean energy future for emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industries, manufacturing, food processing, metal forgers and foundries, electricity generators and small business, as agreed by the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee. The Government is also separately investing in protecting jobs in the steel and coal industries...

Farmers and land managers will receive significant support to pursue climate change
action on the land and enhance biodiversity through a suite of measures including the
Carbon Farming Initiative, the Carbon Farming Futures program and a new Biodiversity

The Government is providing additional support to promote energy efficiency.
Low Carbon Communities will help local councils and communities improve energy efficiency in community facilities, including a new Low Income Energy Efficiency Program. The Government will expedite the development of a national energy savings initiative."

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