Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Library Acquisitions -- August 2, 2011

Back to the land : the enduring dream of self-sufficiency in modern America / Dona Brown

Assessment of the risk of Amazon dieback / Walter Vergara and Sebastian M. Scholz

Biological diversity : frontiers in measurement and assessment / edited by Anne E. Magurran and Brian J. McGill

The economics of climate change in China : towards a low-carbon economy / edited by Fan Gang ... [et al.]

Climate Change.
Global change and the terrestrial biosphere : achievements and challenges / H.H. Shugart and F.I. Woodward

Global corruption report : climate change / [compiled by] Transparency International

Comparative Law.
Environmental dispute resolution in Indonesia / David Nicholson

Force of nature : the unlikely story of Wal-Mart's green revolution / Edward Humes

Energy Policy.
Energy development and wildlife conservation in western North America / edited by David E. Naugle ; foreword by Mark S. Boyce

The false promise of green energy / Andrew P. Morriss ... [et al.]

Environmental Activism.
First along the river : a brief history of the U.S. environmental movement / Benjamin Kline

Food Safety.
Alternatives to conventional food processing / edited by Andrew Proctor

The Bitterroot and Mr. Brandborg : clearcutting and the struggle for sustainable forestry in the northern Rockies / Frederick H. Swanson

Fire in the forest / Peter A. Thomas and Rob McAlpine ; with contributions from Kelvin Hirsch and Peter Hobson

Genetic Modification.
Damage caused by genetically modified organisms : comparative survey of redress options for harm to persons, property, or the environment / Bernhard A. Koch (ed.) ; with contributions by Bjarte Askeland ... [et al.]

Global Warming.
Climate coup : global warming's invasion of our government and our lives / edited by Patrick J. Michaels

Engaging voices : tales of morality and meaning in an age of global warming / Roger S. Gottlieb

Gulf Oil Spill.
Fire on the horizon : the untold story of the Gulf oil disaster / by John Konrad and Tom Shroder

International Law.
Corruption and environmental law : the case of the Niger Delta / Ignatius Adeh

Environmental security in South-Eastern Europe : international agreements and their implementation / edited by Massimiliano Montini and Slavko Bogdanovic

Advances in environmental remote sensing : sensors, algorithms, and applications/ edited by Qihao Weng

Embedded sustainability : the next big competitive advantage / Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva

Environmental biotechnology : theory and application / by Gareth M. Evans, Judith C. Furlong

Urban Environment.
The fate of cities : urban America and the federal government, 1945-2000 / Roger Biles

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