Monday, August 8, 2011

New Library Acquisitions -- August 8, 2011

Administrative Law.
The regulatory state : constitutional implications / edited by Dawn Oliver, Tony Prosser, and Richard Rawlings

Whales and dolphins : cognition, culture, conservation and human perceptions / edited by Philippa Brakes and Mark Peter Simmonds

Environmental law in China : managing risk and ensuring compliance / Charles R. McElwee

Climate Change.
Engaging the public with climate change : behaviour change and communication / edited by Lorraine Whitmarsh, Saffron O'Neill, and Irene Lorenzoni

Coastal Areas.
World atlas of mangroves / Mark Spalding, Mami Kainuma and Lorna Collins

Compliance and enforcement in environmental law : toward more effective implementation / edited by LeRoy Paddock ... [et at].

Cost Benefit Analysis.
The international handbook on non-market environmental valuation / edited by Jeff Bennett

Criminal Law.
Nature crime : how we're getting conservation wrong / Rosaleen Duffy

Environmental Activism.
Law and ecology : new environmental foundations / edited by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Protecting the global environment / Gary C. Bryner ; foreword by Mark A. Boyer

Rainforest warriors : human rights on trial / Richard Price

Environmental Justice.
Globalisation and the quest for social and environmental justice : the relevance of international law in an evolving world order / edited by Shawkat Alam, Natalie Klein, and Juliette Overland

The history of aquaculture / Colin E. Nash

Gulf Oil Spill.
A hole at the bottom of the sea : the race to kill the BP oil gusher / Joel Achenbach

My work is that of conservation : an environmental biography of George Washington Carver / Mark D. Hersey

Indigenous Poeple.
Indigenous peoples and the collaborative stewardship of nature : knowledge binds and institutional conflicts / Anne Ross ... [et al.]

Gulf War reparations and the UN Compensation Commission : environmental liability / edited by Cymie R. Payne and Peter H. Sand

The invention of ecocide : Agent Orange, Vietnam, and the scientists who changed the way we think about the environment / David Zierler

Nuclear Energy.
The Po├žos de Caldas hot spot : a big blast for nuclear energy in Brazil / Daniel Marcos Bonotto

Oil Policy.
Oil policies, oil myths : analysis and memoir of an OPEC 'insider' / by Fadhil Chalabi

Handbook of strategic environmental assessment / edited by Barry Sadler ... [et al.]

The landscape ecology of fire / Donald McKenzie, Carol Miller, Donald A. Falk, editors

Global sustainability : a Nobel cause / edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber ... [et al.]

Metaphors for environmental sustainability : redefining our relationship with nature / Brendon Larson

Legally poisoned : how the law puts us at risk from toxicants / Carl F. Cranor

Mass motorization + mass transit : an American history and policy analysis / David W. Jones

Urban Environment.
Manhattan projects : the rise and fall of urban renewal in cold war New York / Samuel Zipp

Water Resources.
Greywater use in the Middle East : technical, social, economic and policy issues / edited by Stephen McIlwaine and Mark Redwood

Improving water policy and governance / edited by Cecilia Tortajada, Asit K. Biswas

Riverbank filtration for water security in desert countries / edited by Chittaranjan Ray and Mohamed Shamrukh

Water on tap : rights and regulation in the transnational governance of urban water services / Bronwen Morgan

The fall and rise of the wetlands of California's Great Central Valley / Philip Garone

A handbook on international wilderness law and policy / Cyril F. Kormos, editor

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