Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Environment Northeast Report Released: RGGI’s Past and Future: Emissions Trends and Potential Reforms

Recently, Environment Northeast, a "a non-profit organization [focused] on efforts to combat global warming and promote clean energy and clean air solutions in New England and Eastern Canada," released a report titled, RGGI’s Past and Future: Emissions Trends and Potential Reforms (2012). The 6-page report available here, found the following:
Summary of Key Findings
  • 2012 emissions are projected at 91,017,970 tons or 45% below the RGGI cap. 
  • Electricity prices across the region have decreased by 10% since RGGI’s launch.
  • Electric sector trends responsible for low emissions – increasing natural gas and renewable generation, growing investments in energy efficiency, and decoupling of economic growth and emissions – show no signs of reversing, suggesting that emissions will remain low.
  • Of four cap proposals by the states, the highest three would not reduce emissions from current levels, and lowest one would cause emissions to decline slightly. Economic analysis shows net benefits for all of the proposals, with the highest level of benefits from the lowest caps.
  • RGGI reforms have implications beyond the region, as federal regulations of greenhouse gas emissions may lead other states to join RGGI.

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