Friday, July 13, 2012

New Library Acquisitions -- Week of July 9th

Featured Book:

John H. Hartig, Burning Rivers: Revival of Four Urban-Industrial Rivers that Caught on Fire (2011). Burning Rivers is a 180 page monograph discussing the environmental histories and subsequent revival of the Buffalo, Chicago, Cuyahoga and Rouge Rivers - four tributaries of the Great Lakes that caught on fire in the last century because of extensive industrial pollution.  This text provides a brief overview of the rivers and their history.  The Introduction is then followed by a chapter focusing on the fires themselves.  The remainder of the book is dedicated to four chapters discussing the history and successful revival efforts at each of the river sites ending with a Conclusion focusing on lessons learned.  This primarily historic text is chock-full of pictures, graphs and other illustrations (black and white).  An all together interesting read for any law student interested in the origins of environmentalism in the United States.

New Library Acquisitions:

Rising global interest in farmland : can it yield sustainable and equitable benefits? / Klaus Deininger and Derek Byerlee ; with Jonathan Lindsay...[et al.]

The biomass assessment handbook : bioenergy for a sustainable environment / edited by Frank Rosillo-Calle ... [et al.]

Climate change and Australia : warming to the global challenge / Ben Saul ... [et al.]

Natural hazards, unnatural disasters : the economics of effective prevention / The United Nations, The World Bank

A new agenda for sustainability / edited by Kurt Aagaard Nielsen ... [et al.]

The Tappan Zee Bridge : where do we go from here? : a case study presenting a metropolitan regional area, mass transportation master plan / by Robert T. Hintersteiner

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