Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Direction...

Dear Readers,
As Jack noted, my name is Taryn Rucinski and I am the new Environmental Law Librarian at Pace Law School.  I have a significant background in and passion for environmental law so I having the opportunity to work to support PEN-e is truly a dream come true.

Over the past few years Associate Director Jack McNeil has done an amazing job of getting PEN-e off the ground and recognized as one of the best environmental law blogs in the country.  Jack is a true professional and I hope that I can continue what he has so ably started.  I would also like to thank him for all of his amazing work... Thank you Jack!

In the upcoming weeks and months new enhancements will start to trickle into the current PEN-e blog format.  Some of the changes will reflect a more rigorous dynamic with the renown Pace Environmental Law program while others might be more technical in nature.  Please be patient with us during this transition as we hope that the changes will make your reading experience all the better! 

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