Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Greening of Consumer Products: Legal, Regulatory, and Strategic Considerations -- BNA Webinar

The Greening of Consumer Products: Legal, Regulatory, and Strategic Considerations a Bloomberg BNA Webinar


Tuesday, February 7

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (ET

Consumer product manufacturers are challenged today as never before. Materials selection for consumer products invites a dizzying range of considerations: Are the chemicals hormone disruptors, carcinogens, or persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic? What toxicogenomic biomarkers might make the product the next celebrity tort case? What labeling requirements apply? What are the implications of genetic variations among the demographic to which the product is to be marketed?

These considerations invite legal, marketing, and technical issues that go well beyond questions of core compliance with the law. What exactly is the professional’s role? How are regional differences in regulatory standards, consumer perceptions, ingredient restrictions, and related factors to be addressed? Given the complexity of the global issues and the high stakes involved, what must a professional do to remain competent, socially aware, and scientifically proficient? This webinar will explore these questions and more.

The Webinar will help you:

Identify the core concepts of green product development and the maturation of conventional environmental protection themes on which green product steward concepts rely.

Describe the diversity of legal and regulatory authorities, domestic and international, that are relevant to chemical, industrial, and consumer product manufacturers from a legal compliance perspective.

Analyze the role of private party standards and evolving concepts of product stewardship in product design and management.

Address the trends and emerging themes embedded in the commercial value chain that must be monitored to be competitive and successful.

Explore the challenges and value of green product marketing.

Develop basic strategies for legal compliance and commercial success in green product marketing.

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