Thursday, June 6, 2013

World Bank Report Released: Global Tracking Framework

Recently, the World Bank, a partnership established in 1944, that provides "financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world" released a report titled, Global Tracking Framework v. 3 No. 7789 (2013). According to the executive summary for the 289-page report, available here,
[t]he Global Tracking Framework described in this report provides an initial system for regular global reporting based on indicators that are both technically rigorous and feasible to compute from current global energy databases, and that offer scope for progressive improvement over time. Although the identification of suitable indicators required for the framework posed significant methodological challenges, those challenges were no more complex than those faced when attempting to measure other aspects of development—such as poverty, human health, or access to clean water and sanitation—where global progress has long been tracked. In all these aspects of development, a sustained effort of building analytical capability and data capacity has been required across most countries

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