Monday, January 31, 2011

New Library Acquisitions -- January 31, 2011

The quiet world : saving Alaska's wilderness kingdom, 1879-1960 / Douglas Brinkley

Climate Change
Climate change and small island states : power, knowledge, and the South Pacific / Jon Barnett and John Campbell

Climate change : litigation, regulation and risk

Facing catastrophe : environmental action for a post-Katrina world / Robert R.M. Verchick

The role of private business in international environmental governance / Mikoto Usui

The agrarian vision : sustainability and environmental ethics / Paul B. Thompson

European Union
Distributional choices in EU climate change law and policy : towards a principled approach / Javier de Cendra de Larragán

Fisheries subsidies, sustainable development and the WTO / edited by Anja von Moltke

Human Rights
Human rights and the environment : philosophical, theoretical, and legal perspectives / by Linda Hajjar Leib

International Law
Clustering of multilateral environmental agreements : potentials and limitations / Sebastian Obertḧür

International environmental governance : strengthening UNEP / Richard G. Tarasofsky

Land Use
Making the San Fernando Valley : rural landscapes, urban development, and White privilege / Laura R. Barraclough

Nuclear Energy
Rationality and ritual : participation and exclusion in nuclear decision-making / Brian Wynne

The excellent powder : DDT's political and scientific history / Donald Roberts & Richard Tren ; with Roger Bate & Jennifer Zambone

Property rights : eminent domain and regulatory takings re-examined / edited by Bruce L. Benson

Water Resources
Aqua shock : the water crisis in America / Susan J. Marks

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