Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wind Power Romania 2011

Wind Power Romania allows you to network with like-minded experts and hear case studies, not sales pitches, directly applicable to you and your business.
The programme has been shaped by the industry’s thought leaders and it will equip you with the knowledge you need to maintain your projects’ momentum throughout 2011:

■ Securing Project Finance: what are investors looking for? How can you avoid the traps that stall investment? Do you understand their appetite for risk and are you applying robust due diligence, bankability and risk assessments and developing credible cost benchmarks?
■ Doing business in the region: is your firm able to navigate local legislation to expedite Environmental Impact Assessments and relevant permits?
■ Connecting to the Grid: what are Transelectrica’s plans for the future? How will the system cope with the variability of wind power?
■ Leveraging new technologies: how will your company make use of techniques that will allow you to improve forecasting and reduce the risk of poorly-planned parks?
■ Legislative framework to support renewables: find out how the government will support development of Wind Parks as the legislation evolves to support RES targets.
■ Return on Investment: how will the market for green certificates evolve and what impact will they have on the viability and bankability of your projects?

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