Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Law and Policy of the Chesapeake Bay: 2010 and Beyond

In this BNA webinar this 90-minute webinar, Beth McGee (Senior Water Quality Scientist, Chesapeake Bay Foundation), Jon Mueller (Vice President, Litigation, Chesapeake Bay Foundation) and Richard Davis (private Clean Water Act practitioner at Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.) will discuss key elements of the new program and its implementation. Issues discussed during the webinar will include:

The current backdrop, settlement agreement, Executive Order strategy, and Bay total maximum daily load – how they fit together.

The plan, process, science, and schedule for a Bay-wide federal TMDL
States’ obligations to develop pollutant reduction programs (Watershed Implementation Plans)

EPA’s creative use of its NPDES permitting authority to reach discharges currently beyond the control of permits, particularly CAFOs and urban runoff

The role of water quality credits trading and agricultural grant programs
State accountability: What are the screws that EPA can turn? Will they work?
Potentially game-changing legislation‑-What does it say? What is the status?
As EPA and the NGOs come together, what will be the reactions of the regulated communities?

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