Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blue Vision Summit

The Blue Vision Summit will be held on March 7-10, 2009 in Washington, DC. The conference will include some 400-500 key leaders and activists from marine conservation organizations, aquariums, science centers, public agencies, maritime labor, ocean-dependent businesses, public health groups, coastal tribes and others.

The three key themes of the Summit will be:

-Solutions that are working at the local, state and regional level and how to expand them Climate and Oceans.

-How the Marine Community can develop a common voice and plan of action to address fossil fuel fired climate change impacts on the ocean and coastal environment.

-Federal Legislation. The state of the Ocean Act and how to build an effective national constituency for ocean governance reform.

This Summit will demonstrate to the new Obama administration and Congress that there is a strong and diverse constituency ready to work for ocean and coastal protection and restoration. It will also be an opportunity to build a nationwide network of ocean activists ready to act at the local level to assure passage of effective ocean legislation and encourage good administrative and agency policies they support.

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