Monday, May 18, 2009

Complying With Environmental Laws in Europe-Teleconference/Webinar

This Webinar prosented by the New York State Car Association is designed for international, corporate, real estate, environmental and litigation attorneys who have clients conducting business in the European Union that could be impacted by existing and emerging environmental laws, this seminar features environmental lawyers and risk management experts located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Speakers will discuss the most significant environmental laws and exposures in their respective countries including the European Union Environmental Liability Directive (ELD). The ELD along with existing EU regulations will make operators financially responsible for activities that damage the environment. Several ELD claims are presently being processed in various EU jurisdictions and include significant cost exposures for cleaning up environmental damage.

Questions that will be addressed and discussed include:

How is the ELD being implemented and enforced within the EU? What is the claims history for the ELD?

What liability exists under the 1996 Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive and 2006 Waste Disposal Directive?

What are the biggest concerns for environmental loss in a given country?

What is next in Europe?

What waste permits are required?

When and where does a company need to demonstrate satisfactory financial security and how can these requirements be met?

Are NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) a significant threat?
What risk management techniques are available to mitigate the effect of environmental loss?

When and where is environmental insurance compulsory?

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